Project Villa 22°

Successful collaboration between Group Ceyssens and Dreessen Willemse Architects

Dreessen Willemse Architects contacted Group Ceyssens with a mouth-watering challenge: the integration of a minimalist window system into an architecturally striking villa with exposed concrete and wooden accents in the facade structure.

More specifically: motorised sliding windows with a large glass surface for maximum transparency and solar-reflective safety glass with triple glazing for maximum insulation. The profiles needed to be as good as invisible from both the inside and outside, not to mention invisible anchorage.

This project perfectly illustrates that minimalist aluminium joinery does far more than simply fill the holes in a concrete frame and can absolutely add an extra aesthetic dimension to any concept.

To ensure the success of such a complex project, all parties involved – client, architect, concrete contractor and window installer – have to work closely from the very start in order to ensure optimal results. Every aspect, from the underwater window in the swimming pool and connecting points in the thermal bridges to the technologies implemented, must be detailed down to the very last centimetre. Although the result is not exactly flashy, it is amazing all the same.

Group Ceyssens and Dreessen Willemse Architects hope that the beautiful Villa 22° will bring its owners many years of enjoyment and comfort.