Heated glass

Heated glass

Heated glass ensures that the glass is no longer the biggest energy consumer, but a perfect insulator. The inner plate of heated glass has a wafer-thin metal film as electrical resistance, which uniformly distributes the heat.

The outer pane has a specific coating on its cavity side, which reflects the heat rays to the interior and the cold rays to the outside. And there’s also a safe and super-insulating gas between the glass plates that provides unmatched thermal insulation.

All this is completely invisible. The result is the best insulating value ever. A milestone in glass history.

Glass heating ensures optimum comfort. In main and secondary heating. Swimming pools and winter gardens are ideal in this context, but office buildings and the simple private renovation and villa construction are increasingly offering scope for a wider and wider range of practical solutions. The radiation effect is particularly economical in the case of high ceilings or houses that are open up to the ridge. In turn, the lack of condensation is important for kitchens, bathrooms and indoor swimming pools.

RAS Antwerpen - photography by Frederik Vercruysse

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