Group Ceyssens Projects

Both individuals and professionals can approach us! From renovation to new construction projects!

From idea to realization to sale... Group Ceyssens builds dream villa in Cavalaire-sur-Mer.

Group Ceyssens

Take a look at the house of the future


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About Group Ceyssens

Group Ceyssens has evolved from a simple one-man shop in 1965 into a successful family-owned company with over 150 motivated employees today. Our activities have spread to cover all of Western Europe, now rapidly expanding globally. 

We welcome both private customers as well as professionals! Our projects range from renovational to constructional realizations. We co-create a satisfying customized solution.


Group Ceyssens Projects

Commercial project

Garage Vandenberghe Sint-Martens-Latem

Commercial project

Volvo Genk

Commercial project

Contemporary renovation of an existing commercial space in the centre of London

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