Showhouse Group Ceyssens

The house of the future!

Show everything that can technically be exhibited with glass today: that is the purpose of the super-sophisticated demo homes of Group Ceyssens. Group Ceyssens is constantly pushing the boundaries of the ways in which glass can be used as a building material, and as an innovator, it has been a major player in the international market for several years. “Windows literally offer us a window onto the world; they help integrate the external environment into our interiors and ensure that a building breathes light and space”, says Dirk Ceyssens. “Façades that use a lot of glazing give a heightened sense of space, and in recent years the profiles have become smaller and smaller. Our Cview minimalistic windows range has already enabled our customers to integrate fixed and sliding glass sections of up to 4 metres into their homes - almost without the use of profiles - but the new, innovative applications in our showhouse actually go many steps further.

Like the dining room: if the weather is fine, you can open the glass sliding windows, but for those with conservative tastes, you can also make the entire glass section ‘disappear’! It can be lowered hydraulically into the basement over its entire length of eighteen metres: a ‘disappearing’ window. The whole house is therefore fully equipped with the latest gadgets.”