Advantages of glass exterior doors: Light, luxurious & durable!

Glass doors have become a permanent feature in modern homes. They maximise the natural light and create a sense of space, making the rooms in your home feel lighter and bigger. These doors are not only a beautiful feature in your home, they also welcome guests in style.
Curious to know what makes glass exterior doors so special? In this blog we dive deeper into the many options and advantages of these stylish doors!

What is a glass exterior door? 

A glass exterior door is a door made primarily of glass in an aluminium frame. These doors combine functionality and beauty by allowing natural light in and creating a seamless transition between inside and out.

Whether you are looking for a modern look or classic charm, glass exterior doors offer a versatile solution that is both practical and stylish.

Some advantages of glass exterior doors are:

1. Natural light
One of the main advantages of glass exterior doors is the extra natural light in your room. This reduces the need for artificial light, allowing less energy consumption and therefore also lower energy bills. Plus, a well-lit room adds to the positive ambience and can boost both productivity and well-being, both at home and in the office.

2. Luxurious appearance
Glass exterior doors are a stylish addition that give a luxurious and refined appearance. Thanks to their smart and elegant design, premium materials and opportunities to customise, they add an exclusive and modern touch to the room. 

3. Insulator for heat and noise 
Glass exterior doors offer not only an aesthetic benefit, but also serve as an effective insulator for both heat and noise. The premium glass panels and frames provide excellent thermal insulation, whereby heat loss is minimised and energy efficiency is enhanced. In addition, they help you to reduce the transfer of noise between rooms, contributing to a peaceful and comfortable living environment. 

4. Durable
A glass exterior door is also an eco-friendly choice. Good-quality glass is known for its sustainability and long life. Furthermore, modern door frames are made from long-lasting materials, such as aluminium or stainless steel.


Types of glass 

There are different types of glass: 

Transparent glass: This type of glass is ideal for those who desire maximum transparency and an open feeling in the room. It creates a seamless transition between rooms and maximises the natural light coming in, which contributes to a light and airy interior.

Matt glass: Matt glass offers the perfect balance between privacy and light coming in. Matt glass has a characteristic appearance: the glass is not entirely transparent, but still allows light to come through.

Black-tinted glass: Tinted glass gives your home not only an elegant appearance, it also combines the benefits of both matt glass and transparent glass. There are various tints to choose from, ranging from light to dark, allowing you to select the best to suit the style and spirit of your home.

Figure glass: Figure glass is a type of glass with a decorative pattern or relief, with which it offers privacy while also allowing natural light to shine through. It can be used in combination with double or triple glazing.

As you can see: glass exterior doors offer many advantages! Would you like to gather more inspiration or are you keen to discover the different styles and options that are available? Don’t delay in contacting us and we’ll help you with all your questions!