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High-performance glass

High-performance glass

Cylite 1.1

Cylite 1.1 is a high-performance glass with high light transmission factor and a very neutral appearance. The outer pane consists of clear float glass, a 12 mm to 15 mm cavity filled with an insulating inert gas filling, and an inner pane with an invisible filter-thin metal coating. The two panes are assembled through a double sealing joint.

Cylite 1.0

Cylite 1.0 is a glass similar to the Cylite 1.1 but in this case the metal coating is of a different type. Cylite provides almost twice the amount of insulation in comparison to conventional double glazing. Consequently there will be lower heating costs even in case of larger window surfaces, since there is lower heat loss. Cylite also does not create a cold zone on the window, thereby minimising condensation.

Cylite Triple

Cylite Triple is a triple super-insulating glazing with the highest energy efficiency. Passive house, low-energy house or simply energy-conscious (re)building: with Cylite Triple you can maximise savings and reduce CO2 emissions. Great for your budget, and for the environment as well.

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