Minimalistic Windows for maximum impact!

Choosing windows is a little like looking for a frame for your favourite painting. Do you go for a baroque, golden frame that attracts all the attention? Or for a minimal model that showcases the art? In other words: do you install conspicuous window frames or leave your architecture and view to do the talking with minimalistic windows? Let us tell you what is so smart about the latter.

Let there be light

What is so characteristic about minimalistic windows? Compared to the minimalistic frames, the sections of glass are very big. Therefore, extra light can enter through these large windows. Maximising the light that comes in is not only pleasant for those living there, it also makes your room appear larger and brighter. An interior that is bathing in light, what’s not to like?

Unhindered view

The thinner the frame, the less your view is hindered. That means you can enjoy the wonderful view even more, and inside and out become one.

Simply stylish

If you love a clean, minimalistic and elegant style, minimalistic windows are a godsend. Indeed, they help to accentuate the rest of the architectural design. A contemporary look, but timeless too.

Attention to sustainability

An additional advantage of minimalistic windows: they can increase the energy efficiency of your home or building. They maintain the indoor temperature and ensure optimal conditions throughout the year. Energy consumption goes down, which in turn saves you money.


The fact that minimalistic windows have almost invisible frame profiles means they are easily combined with other architectural elements. For example, particular wall cladding or striking design colours. They are all allowed to shine.


Decision made? Then contact Group Ceyssens to see the difference Minimalistic Windows can make in your home or project.