Group Ceysens C floor movable floor


Cfloor, the movable pool floor

Cfloor is the revelation in the world of indoor and outdoor swimming pools and the result of years of dreaming, daring and above all... doing. Choosing Cfloor is choosing the most sustainable swimming pool solution: the movable floor is practical and aesthetic. This way you can transform your terrace into an outdoor swimming pool in no time at all. Or your indoor swimming pool into a party room.

With a Cfloor in the house, you have a double advantage. Because in the upper position, the movable floor fits in perfectly with the immediate surroundings, guaranteeing the safety of people and animals. Because enjoying a swimming pool is enjoying absolute peace of mind.

Cfloor is a delight to the eye: the movable floor fits in seamlessly with the surroundings for a serene, aesthetic look. In addition, all technologies are incorporated into the construction: the motor and other elements are invisible, thereby resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful whole.

There are 3 types of Cfloor: Comfort, Premium and HighEnd.